Friday, January 14, 2011

How to Make Organic Fertilizer

Hi there guys, this day we will now discuss some easy way on how to make organic fertilizer, some of you might not know how to do it so let me teach you some techniques. Organic fertilizer is a necessity if you want to know how to grow organic vegetables at home, natural gardening method do not require you to use chemical stuffs because of some obvious reasons. If you want to know how to grow organic vegetables then you must also know the basics of making natural fertilizer.

There are many reasons why gardeners and farmers want to know how to make organic fertilizer and my reason for making one is to lower my production cost on vegetables, naturally made fertilizer almost cost nothing and it is easy to create but takes time. Chemical fertilizers cost a chunk of money and replacing it with organic fertilizer is much better. Another thing is the soil being fertilized naturally tends to be more healthy so my plants are much stronger and prolific. Maybe most of the gardeners are using naturally made fertilizer to get a supply of fresh and chemical free vegetables straight from their farm. How bout you people, what is your reason? Well let's go back to our topic.

One thing you need to remember if you want to make organic fertilizer is how to make compost, well honestly, making compost is easy but it will take time, the amount of time you need is a long one and you need to be patient because creating compost fertilizer is not an overnight task. First thing first, grab your shovel and dig, the width and depth will depend on how many biodegradable materials are you putting in, also the area will be your compost bin.

When you finished digging, it is time to seek for the necessary ingredients for your compost fertilizer, you can go get some left over foods and put them in your composting bin, left over foods are the easiest thing you can get. To add more you can pick up dried leaves and weeds. If you are living near a farm it is a good idea to search for farms who are growing rice and then ask for some rice straws to them, it will add more nutrition to the soil. Farm waste are another good source of supply for your composting bin, don't forget about the animal manure though, they are the best source of soil nutrients and if animal manure are composted properly you will have a good supply of organic fertilizer, just keep collecting the ingredients until you had enough.

When you are finished, mixed the biodegradable produce with loam soil and sprinkle it with water, cover it to discourage the flies from visiting your composting bin and all you need to do now it to wait until the ingredients are totally dissolved by the soil, this process will take about a month or longer depending on the climate.

That's one of the easy ways to prepare compost, but it is not only source of organic fertilizer because there are still a lot. We will discuss next how to make compost tea.

Making compost tea is easy, all you need to do is get a big container and put some organic matters, compost and if possible add chicken manure. Fill it up with water and stir it up, remember that you have to stir it everyday to achieve good results, aeration is important part of the process so if you have some free time stir the prepared water and organic matter. You will have to continue doing this for about a week or more, compost tea is used by spraying it into the leaves of your vegetables and since it is full of organic matters you will have to strain it first into a cloth or cheesecloth before you put the liquid into sprayer, be advised that pure compost tea can be harmful to the leaves so mix it with one part of compost tea to ten parts of water so it will beneficial as foliar fertilizer.

Now that we are done with compost tea and how to use it as foliar fertilizer it is time to turn our eyes in vermiculture; it is cultivating earthworms and using their poop as organic fertilizer, it is known to give plants a good performance. I'm still studying this and if it really gives good quality fertilizer then I will build my own vermiculture, I think its easy because all you need to do is feed the nightcrawler earthworms with organic matters and let them multiply until they can produce a lot of organic fertilizer.

There you go folks, some simple tips on how to make organic fertilizer and use it in your vegetable garden. If you want to know how to grow organic vegetables read more about this blog and hope it will help you out.


  1. Thanks for your post! I'm currently learning to farm in Japan, and will be shifting from the industrial style of farming to a more organic one over the years, and will bookmark your post to help me in the future. ;)

  2. hi there gaijinfarmer. Thanks for your comment and I hope you have a good time in my blog. I'm happy to know that you will be shifting in organic style of farming, I hope that you have a profitable and prolific harvest.

  3. Hi

    This is really informative, Adding to it..I use spare buckets in my balcony garden for my compost. Just keep throwing vegetable, fruit peels, food leftovers, even other plant waste when I prune them ;-) all goes into the bucket and once full I cover it with soil and water it on alternate days - The compost should be ready in a month or so...

  4. Thanks for the tips Lissandra, using spare buckets is a good idea especially if there are limited space in the garden.