Wednesday, January 26, 2011

How to Teach Kids to Eat Vegetables

Every parents wants their kids to be healthy, so they teach their kids how to eat vegetables and some parents teach their kids how to grow organic vegetables in their own backyard, but it is much better if you teach them organic vegetable gardening in your vacant garden or lot. But later on you discovered that this is not an easy task because kids of this generation really loves fast foods and junk foods. This foods can make them weak and prone to many illness especially when they are teenagers and reach adulthood, so if you are having a bad time convincing your toddlers to eat vegetables we will provide some useful and effective technique that you can use. Vegetable is important for our body and kids need to eat vegetable and to make it fun teach them how to plant veggies in your garden, any garden will do as long as it has soil.

First of all tell them that vegetables are important. Tell them how vegetables can make them strong and intelligent like their parents. This will work out if your child really listens to you, if not them it is now time to use different techniques. We all know that kids are easily convinced when it comes to commercials for example, if they are watching television, they tend to liken those foods advertised like hotdogs, wieners, french fries, soda , fast foods, burgers and many more. If they see so much commercial like this then vegetables are getting away from their thoughts. So the solution is here is brainwash your kids, guide them while they are watching television and always tell them that eating vegetables is still the best way to be healthy and strong and to avoid diseases. This way even your kids are at their young age, your words are carved in his/her mind and since you are the parent, they will surely believe in what you say. Of course always make your child feel that you love them and all that you do is for their own good.

If you do the advice then add this. Ask your kids how to plant a vegetable garden, by doing this you can trigger their curiosity, little kids are always curious anyway. Then it is now time to teach them how to grow organic vegetables. For more information please check out these tips about basics of planting veggies. Remember that kids always want to learn something new and if you teach them how to plant a vegetable garden, then its sure that they will be hooked on eating veggies and the techniques you just did will be imitated by them!

Another way for them to love eating veggies is to cook it in a delicious way that kids will enjoy. Show your kids that you love vegetable salad. Add it with cheese so your kids will be tempted to eat some. Make sure they will love it so they will come back for more vegetables. Make some carrot sticks, kids love bright colors and orange is good for them. Tell them that Bugs Bunny like carrots. I have a hard time eating bitter gourd but with a delicious recipe it will be delicious! I will add some tips on how to remove the bitter taste of bitter gourd so always stay tuned. One of my favorite viands is saute vegetables. Add some seasonings and it is perfect side dish. I am not a vegetarian; actually I cannot live without meat. But since I know the importance of veggies in our body, I always eat some as much as I can. It is a simple way to prevent some illness when I are adults. Always try to mix some vegetables to your viand and avoid fast foods because it serves you decent amount of trans fatty acids that may lead to cardiovascular disease.

Now that you have read some old fashioned tips on how to teach your kids to eat vegetables it is now time to go back to our main topic mainly organic vegetable gardening in your own backyard. Remember that if you take your kids with you while you plant veggies, they will enjoy it and convince them to eat their vegetable everyday. Also do some organic farming and natural pest control so you can eat some fresh vegetables free from chemical strains and can be eaten straight from harvest.

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