Sunday, January 16, 2011

Importance of Growing Vegetables

If you are one of the many gardeners out there who are trying to grow vegetables in their backyard, maybe you already know the importance of growing vegetables and how it can give positive effect in our nature by helping on alleviating climate change and global warming and helping on food production. For those people who still wants to know how to grow organic vegetable garden this is a good chance to discuss the importance of growing vegetables at home.

We advocate the importance of organic vegetable gardening and we promote the importance of vegetables using this blog by saying planting vegetables such as tomato, lettuce, bitter gourd and more kinds of veggies in your backyard is always a good idea because it will provide you the vegetables you will need and it will also save you some decent amount of money because the price of vegetable are skyrocketing and it is always a good thing to save money because of this stupid recession. If you are one of the rich people out there who don't have a problem in money I can still recommend that you plant vegetable in your backyard. This will help you remove your stress and it can give you some sense of accomplishment when you are already harvesting your produce. But what is the reason why planting veggies can reduce stress? Well it is some sort of hobby and if you are having fun with your vegetables then it can really reduce stress. I have some friends and they are planting ornamental plants that are used in their landscaping business. Their business is damn hard but they really enjoy it and it seems they don't run out of energy. I think it is the motivation plus fun plus the will to earn money that keeps them to love planting ornamental plants, if you don't want to harvest something edible then ornamental plants is the right plant to for you.

If you are one of the undecided people who do not know what to plant then let me convince you to practice the way of organic vegetable gardening in your backyard. Why? There are many reasons why I prefer veggies rather than ornamental plants. First of all you can plant your vegetables in organic way, this means you eat fresh and chemical free vegetables which is expensive in the grocery and supermarkets. You can eat vegetables unlike ornamental plants which is only for display. Next is you can earn thru your vegetable business much faster than ornamental plants, many people want veggies and only a few wants display plants. And the main reason why I prefer growing vegetables is to help contribute to rising food demand because of growing population. In time like this many farmer prefer to find other jobs because they are tired of planting crops or maybe because of rising cost of farm equipments. The rising population and reducing food production is alarming so to help even my own country to somehow contribute to food production I decided to grow vegetables. It has many nutrients that can keep our body healthy as well as medicinal uses that can cure specific illness. The income derived from my vegetable business is also good and enables me to expand my farm from 1 hectare to 3 hectares.

So I already have a farm. Like most of the beginners in growing veggies, I also start from our own backyard, our soil is not suitable for growing any kind of plants except weeds so I researched on how to make soil healthy and many organic farming procedures. I plant squash in our little backyard and it is a big failure. I learned from those failures and now I able to handle those problems. Why am I sharing this to you? So you will know that once upon a time I was a loser in growing veggies but I managed to learn and give importance to what I do. Learning from mistakes is important in planting vegetable because it experience will always be the best teacher.

So enough of the little story and let's go back to the topic. There are really a lot of advantages when you decide to plant vegetables, if you really aren't convinced then think of your kids who needs healthy source of vegetables everyday. If you buy in the market then it may be tainted by pesticides and other chemicals so eating it is not damn safe! I hope to make a clear point about the importance of planting vegetable garden rather than growing and ornamental plant garden. If you really want to raise ornamental plants then I still support your decision because growing any kind of plants can help minimize the toxic in the air. Growing plants can also clean our air! Try it and also teach your neighbor how to grow organic vegetables, it can help a lot and you will have a great hobby too.

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